Hi Growth
Hi Growth

Sizes: S, M, L Pellets

MISAKI - Sakura is high grade Koi-Food manufactured with wheat germ. Original developed by our experienced production method for good actual results to make NISHIKIGOI grow healthy and quickly.
- High Growth & Gain Weight
- High protein, high digestability to maintain sharp
- Nutritional well-balanced growth 
- Excellent palatability
- Useful for winter season
- Daily Food Recommand
 - Maintain water conditions
Hi-Growth has high nutrition, including good quality protein, Vitamin B1, E, and 10 kinds of essential
 Animo Acid at large quantity.
This MISAKI - Sakura  Koi feed which relects our long time researh result and the latest skills. 
Characteristic :
1. This Hi-Gowth is formulated with probictics which reduces the waste in the water and regulates the fuctions of the intestines.  Fish eats preferably.
2.This formula will help  to strengthen bone and generate good body shape with muscle built.
3.Fish grows rapidly and get balanced massive figure.
4. This also has excellent palatability and good digesbility that is good for intenstine. 
5.Reduction in feces amount is expected as the excellence of digestion and absorption.
6.Body surface will be lustrous. Fish can get bright perfect skin.
7.It is considered to be white skin, instead of yellowish.
8.Various Vitamin are enriched to make up for vitamin consumption by stress.
9.Special raw materials are compounded for liver strengthening and immunopotentiation.
10. This MISAKI - Sakura Koi feed contains Viable bacteria " PROBIOTICS".
Feeding, Precaution & Preservation : 
1. Feed Misaki Sakura Koi-Food 2 or 3 times daily according to water temperature, fish eats within 5 to 10 minutes per each feeding.
2. Please keep it cool at a dark place and use as fast as possible.
3. Colour may change due to natural raw materials. It does not influence the quality.
4 This is not a food for human.
Guaranteed Analysis
Rough Protein    Min 45%
Crude Fat           Min 6%
Crude Fiber        Min 1%
Crude Ash          Max 13%
Calcium              Min 1.8%
Phosphorus        Min 1.8%
Principle Ingradients
Fish Meal, wheat flour, Fish oil , krill Mir, bread crumbs, 
starch, a wheat embryo, corn gluten meal, soybean meal
 A Brewery Yeast, phosphoric acid calcium, salt.
Vitamin A,C,D3,E,B1,B2,B6,B12, K3,Nicotinic acid, Pantothenic acid, Calcium Pantothenic, Choline, Biotin, Inositol, Folic acid.
Iron(FE), Copper (CU), Zinc(ZN), Manganese(Mn), Cobalt (Co), Iodine (I), Phosphorus(P), Magnesium (Mg), dihydrogenphosphate aluminum hydroxide, ferrous fumarete, disodium hydrogen-phosphate ethoxyquin.

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    3/5KG FLOAT
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    6KG/10KG FLOAT
  • Hi Growth
  • Colour
    15 KG Floating
  • Wheat Germ
    20 KG Floating
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