Since 1992, Atarikoi has been offering the koi community in Malaysia specialising on high quality nishigikoi from many of Japan’s top breeders as well as pond and koi related products. The founder, Robert Gan begun this exceptional koi business as a small family business and of course, out of his passion towards koi carps – “I enjoy everything about nishikigoi. The feeling of owning and taking care of these beautiful koi carps is just satisfying and exciting”. Today, Atarikoi is one of the largest nishikigoi importer in our country with their import value per-annum exceeding RM3 million and distributing more than 1 million carps all over Malaysia.

Through the years, Atarikoi has developed close relationships with a number of noted breeders in Japan hence, giving their clients access to koi varieties and bloodlines that are seldom available out of Japan such as Sakai, Omosako, Dainichi, Hosokai, Izumiya, Momotaro, Matsunosuke and the list goes on. Atarikoi started out as koi hobbyists many years ago and the passion for koi is our enthusiasm to pass our knowledge and ensure that others who share the same zeal would be able to achieve the best out of this hobby. Hence, customers will be able to find an assortment of koi carps ranging from affordable koi to high quality koi as Atarikoi hopes to cater to hobbyists from all walks of life.

Having operated from its original premise at Taman Desa since its origination, Atarikoi has expanded its business by opening a new branch at Tropicana, Petaling Jaya in the year 2008. This second branch is equipped with a more advance technology whereby the koi carps are housed in state-of-art ponds which come together with an advanced filtration system. At present, Atarikoi is managed by the sons of Robert Gan – Andrew Gan and Andy Gan – whose interest bloomed out of their father’s gusto since their childhood. They foresee that more branches will be opening in hope to cater to more customers at different areas.

It is Atarikoi’s on-going mission to provide the Malaysia’s koi keeping community with the highest level of information, service and quality in both koi and koi related products. Atarikoi look forward to seeing a society where the oriental beauty of koi carps are appreciated and admired by everyone.

About Atarikoi