JPD Shogun
JPD Shogun

JPD Sinking 20KG Shogun

JPD Floating 15KG Shogun

JPD Floating 5KG Shogun


Sizes: M, L Pellets

Suitable food for all Seasons; most suitable in high or low water temperature 
Highly recommend for Whitening
Super Premium high grade food with Probiotics 
Natural ingredients in Wheat Germs 
Good Palatability (Tasty)
Floating / Sinking
For whitening – it contains heat-resistant Vitamin C and grape seed oil.
Good Skin conditions:- (A) it contains heat resistance C, E and grape seed oil protect skin from oxidation. (B) It contains Mannose to stimulate more mucous for achieving more shiny body.
Good palatability – as amino acid is added to make it more tasty 
Contain Probiotic which enable Koi absorb good nutrition; hi – digestion and reduce ammonia in water 
High Digestibility but body shape maintain 
Keep maintain water conditions
Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Protein: Min.36%
Crude Fiber: Max.4%
Moisture: Max.11%
Phosphorus: Min.1.2%
Size: L 7mm, M 4mm
Crude Fat: Min.7%
Ash: Max. 14%
Calcium: Min.1.7%


  • Super premium health diet food
  • This product is a sinking type koi food including wheat germ which enhances Koi's growth
  • Rich in heat-resistant vitamin C, vitamin E, essential minerals, Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids to help protect koi from virus and diseases, and promote healthy growth development
  • Fortified with astaxanthin whichnecessary for koi’s colour enhancement and maintenance, whilst protecting white shiroji
  • Includes Probioticswhich helps improves koi’s digestive process, thereby improving absorption and reducing waste output
  • Manufactured with natural ingredients such as top quality fish meal and krill meal which helps promote body and colour enhancement; and wheat germ which helps digestibility to help maintain body shape as well as maintain white shiroji

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