Hikari Balance R
Hikari Balance R
Balance R 15 KG

Sizes: M, L Pellets

"Saki Hikari,"R", Saki Hikari" of scheme based on extracts of new materials r-by blending
It is the immune power of nishikigoi-friendly than conventional products.

♦ features
-Supports the immune system maintenance
"Saki Hikari, training for" the scheme in the complex metabolic extracts of yeast species of Bacillus subtilis natto and lactic acid bacteria species, two
-R extract - new scheme. Activation in the intestine light supports the maintenance of immunity due to synergistic effects of bacteria (probiotics) and R extract (biogenic) keep the balance of bacteria in the intestines, has a healthy Koi.

-Superior feed efficiency
Hikari live feed efficiency improves by decomposing bacteria in the intestine of carp grain digestible State, nutrients that are necessary to use well.

-No pollution
Hikari is excreted alive from the CARP intestinal bacteria and decompose POO. Deterioration in water quality, the filter reduces the clogging of the material.

♦ How to give
Give it while watching the amount of finish eating carp in about 5 minutes.
Into multiple times in one day under the temperature 18 degrees or more fully, low temperature please once in a few days. "Saki Hikari for low temperature"and"Hikari germ" of use is recommended.

When used in conjunction with other diets, Saki Hikari R ratio if more than 50%, the R extract effect can be expected.
Hikari, in synergy with the bacteria to get Saki Hikari, used in conjunction with series we recommend.

♦ raw
Fish meal, wheat flour, though, soybean meal, Brewer's yeast, wheat germ, fish oil, corn,
Seaweed powder, rice bran, garlic, amino acids (methionine), microbial agents, carotenoids, R extract,
Vitamins (choline chloride, E, C, inositol, B5, B2, A, B1, B6, B3, folic acid, D3, biotin, B12, para-aminobenzoic acid), minerals (sodium, P, Fe, Mg, Zn, Mn, Cu, l)

♦ particle size
7.5-8.5 mm

♦ security components

Protein Lipid Crude fiber Ash Rin Moisture
More than 40% More than 6.0% Less than 3.0% Less than 15.0% More than 1.0% Less than 10%

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